CoverAfrica manages media operations at events (be africa)

CoverAfrica offers media consulting and media project management (be africa)

CoverAfrica delivers crewing and editorial assistance for television coverage and production across Africa (be africa)

CoverAfrica delivers programming for international broadcasters (be africa)

CoverAfrica brings journalists training and media skills development in the news and communication fields (impact)

CoverAfrica is an equal opportunity venture.

CoverAfrica was hired to manage all TV & Photo pools at the Commonwealth summits in Trinidad & Tobago (2009), Australia (2011), Sri Lanka (2013) and Malta (2015)

CoverAfrica was hired by the London Media Centre as one of the media project managers for the London Olympics in 2012

CoverAfrica produced and directed In Mandela’s Foodprints – an unusual journey through Nelson Mandela’s life. A 6-part series presented by Zindzi Mandela and Anna Trapido

CoverAfrica was in charge of APTV’s unique live broadcast event on Millennium Island when 1999 turned into 2000