CoverAfrica is run by media director/manager, Claude Colart.

He brings 3 decades of  field and newsroom experience in international media including:

  • European Producer for NHK
  • Senior Field Producer, Europe & Africa Editor, and Deputy Managing Editor for Associated Press TV
  • Head of Buro and Senior News Producer Africa for Al Jazeera English
  • Africa producer for Sky News

He was part of the team that expanded APTV into a major international television agency.

He was a driving force in the creation of the network of African buros for Al Jazeera English.

Quality, professionalism, integrity and experience are the cornerstones on which CoverAfrica was built.

Claude Colart is also co-editer of “Something To Write Home About. Reflections from the heart of history” (Jacana Media, 2004)

CoverAfrica works with people who subscribe to these principles and all have worked throughout the African continent.