CoverAfrica is run by media director/manager, Claude Colart.

He brings 3 decades of  field and newsroom experience in international media including:

  • European Producer for NHK
  • Senior Field Producer, Europe & Africa Editor, and Deputy Managing Editor for Associated Press TV
  • Head of Buro and Senior News Producer Africa for Al Jazeera English
  • Africa producer for Sky News

He was part of the team that grew APTV into a major international television agency.

He was a driving force in the creation of the network of African buros for Al Jazeera English.

He produced for correspondents/anchors like Alex Crawford, Stuart Ramsey, Andrew Wilson, Andrew Simmons, Jeremy Thompson, Mohammed Adow, Mike Hanna,… (just to name a few).

Claude is also co-editer of “Something To Write Home About. Reflections from the heart of history” (Jacana Media, 2004).

CoverAfrica is an equal opportunity venture.